When you embark on a bathroom remodel project, it's important to spend money where it will offer the most value for your investment, as well as consider less expensive options for areas of the bathroom that don't require a luxurious touch.

There are some items in your bathroom that will look the same whether you purchase a luxury version or a budget version, and you can often shave thousands of dollars off your overall bathroom remodeling project by making a few smart purchases.

For example, a simple porcelain sink will look very much like any other porcelain sink, and you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on the best sink. Investing around $150 in a sink is sufficient for almost any bathroom. You can use the money you save on an affordable sink on some beautiful plumbing fixtures.

Not only can high-quality fixtures give a bathroom a luxurious touch, but the best fixtures can also offer the most impressive performance and efficiency. Just make sure the fixtures you choose match throughout the bathroom and are the same style. Don't pick a traditional showerhead and an ultra-modern sink faucet.

Choose Flooring Carefully

Flooring is an area of bathroom design that can cost an arm and a leg if you go for the best tile, but it's actually an area where a less expensive type of tile would allow you to spend the money you save on some other features.

HGTV offers a great idea on what you can do when you save money on tile:

"The floor must be slip-resistant (think tile texture here and larger grout lines in the shower for more traction), but it doesn't have to be expensive. And, you can turn up the appeal by installing electrically heated floor mats under the tile."

Pursue Quality Plumbing Parts

There are all sorts of interesting features you can install in your bathroom, and ultra-expensive bathroom remodeling projects may feature aromatherapy, seating, and multiple spray heads. However, all of those cool features aren't worth the price you pay if the underlying plumbing isn't high quality.

If you're not sure whether you want all the awesome features of a "spa" bathroom, you may want to focus on a high-quality showerhead that will add high efficiency, as well as style, to your bathroom. Don't go crazy with a multi-function showerhead and all sorts of accessories if you don't think you'll use all those extras.

Consider Repairing Rather Than Replacing

You can certainly go for a full bathroom remodel where you gut the entire space and leave nothing but the studs, but you might not need to head in such an extreme direction. In fact, arranging repairs for some of the features of your bathroom might allow you to splurge in other areas.

The Spruce explains:

"Maybe the tile shower surround just needs regrouting rather than a full replacement. Or the vanity can be painted rather than ripped out and replaced."

Maybe you can refinish the cabinets and splurge on a new countertop for them. Perhaps you can refinish the bathtub and spend the real money on beautiful fixtures and hardware.

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