home remodeling contractorHome remodeling contractors operate all over the country and provide services as comprehensive as building custom homes and as specialized as remodeling specific sections of the house.

Whether you're trying to find a home contractor to build your dream home, or you're looking for someone to update your old bathroom, there are some questions to ask and things to consider as you speak with contractors in your area.

Here are some steps to take and ideas to think about as you plan your home remodeling project.

How Do You Find a Great Home Remodeling Contractor?

The very best home remodeling professionals work exclusively from recommendations, and you might find that the home remodeling company you choose is booked solid for months. If you don't know anyone personally who's recently had a home remodeler perform work on their home, there are some other ways to find highly recommended home remodelers.

Consumer Affairs suggests:

"Use social media to ask friends or followers for local recommendations."

If you use a social networking site like Facebook, think about marking your post as "public" for the widest possible response to your question. Not only will your friends see your question, but a public post will allow friends of friends to post suggestions, which can help you widen your "net" for catching the best contractor in your area.

Once you've settled on a handful of contractors, make sure your potential contractors exhibit the following characteristics:

  • A fully-functional website with pictures, references, and information about licensing.
  • An active social media presence with an official Facebook page or Instagram feed.
  • Valid licensing with the state in which the contractor completes home remodeling.
  • A home base or physical location where the contractor operates his or her business.

The absence of a huge website isn't an immediate red flag, but a contractor who doesn't have a physical location, is only reachable by phone, and who hasn't even made a simple website with some contact information should give you pause.

Don't Assume Your Contractor is the Only Professional You'll Need

Many contractors offer a full suite of services that range from the initial design consultation to the architectural plans to the actual construction. However, not every contractor provides absolutely ever service. Additionally, the scope of your project may demand you hire additional professionals like an architect.

House Logic reveals:

"Depending upon the complexity of your project, you may need a number of skilled pros to get the job done. So don’t count on a contractor to design your space and add clever details, unless he clearly demonstrates his abilities and has a portfolio of his own work."

Ask the contractor if he or she has experience in every facet of the project you're about to undertake. If you're asking a contractor to put on an addition to your home, make sure your chosen home remodeler has completed similar projects in the past.

Hopefully, you will find a home remodeling contractor with whom you can work on multiple projects and throughout the years. Working with a single professional over time can help you save money on future projects, as well as reduce the stress involved in finding a new contractor for your upcoming project.

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