unexpected remodeling problemsThere's nothing like finishing the plan for your home improvement project and running into an unexpected remodeling problem that delays the completion of the project. Delays can increase costs, and unexpected problems can mean you have to make changes to your original plan.

Whether you're redoing a dated kitchen that's full of forty-year-old appliances, or you're updating the exterior of your home, just about anything can happen in the world of home remodeling and renovations.

Expect to Update the Electrical System in an Old Home

If you undertake a significant remodeling project in a home that's more than fifty years old, you may need to think about updating the electrical system. According to a column on Life Hacker:

"Old electrical wiring can be a safety hazard and will need to be brought up to code. When remodeling my bathroom, I learned that I needed to hire an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel. Homes in the 1920s didn’t have hair dryers, and even something as small as that can draw more power than old household electrical systems can handle. Old wiring is also just an inconvenience."

If your contractor removes a wall in the living room to create an open-concept floor plan, you might discover an electrical system that needs a significant update or which may represent a hazard when used with modern appliances and a few dozen electronic devices.

Tip: An experienced contractor will take the age and condition of your home into account when creating an estimate for the work he or she will need to do for your home improvement project. The surprise you may experience with old or dilapidated electrical wiring may not come as a surprise if your contractor is able to predict likely issues.

What Happens When You Experience Unexpected Remodeling Problems?

It's not the end of the world if a problem occurs during your remodeling project, and it's helpful to understand what an addendum is and how it can change your contract and help you and your contractor complete your home improvement project.

According to an advice column on Angie's List:

"Highly rated contractors say most change orders occur as a result of customers’ suggested tweaks once the project has started. Unforeseen issues can legitimately result in change orders on the contractor’s side, too, but experts caution consumers to be wary of an endless stream of paperwork."

If the tile you wanted for a project is delayed in its delivery for several weeks or months, you may decide to choose a different type of material, so your project can continue in a timely manner. An addendum can also help if your contractor finds an issue within the walls of your home that requires attention. This is another reason it is so important to hire an experienced remodeler with strong communication skills. Their ability to handle changes will help the project run smoothly.

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