popular remodeling projectsThe most popular remodeling projects for homeowners in the United States usually take place in the kitchen or bathroom, and these projects are often an ideal way to make sure a house sells quickly when it's put up for sale. However, remodeling is also an excellent option for any family or homeowner who wants to increase the enjoyment they have in their home.

What the NAHB Says About Popular Remodeling Projects

If you take a look at what the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has to say, their research suggests that the bathroom and kitchen are the most popular home remodeling projects. However, one of the most interesting results of their survey is that remodeling an entire home is the third-most popular option.

"Homeowners are finding cost-effective and shorter timeframe upgrades can also add comfort and value to their homes."

The remaining people surveyed by NAHB updated their windows and doors or put an addition on their home. With all those projects, data from the Joint Center for Housing Studies, which operates within Harvard University, suggests that Americans spent an estimated $340 billion on home remodeling in 2018, which represents an extraordinary number of remodeling projects.

In an article about the increased spending on home remodeling, Forbes shares:

"The report cites a stronger economy, increasing home sales and prices, and a growing demand for home improvement as the explanations for this potentially record year."

The article goes on to suggest that the internet and the plethora of home improvement shows on the television has made home remodeling projects much more accessible to the inexperienced homeowner. Increased knowledge has allowed homeowners to participate in the rewarding and fun design process of updating a home.

Popular Green Upgrades During Remodeling Projects

One of the best reasons to remodel a home is to realize the energy savings offered by "green" upgrades like high-efficiency faucets and highly efficient appliances, but there are all sorts of other green updates you can make when you improve your home.

The most popular remodeling projects that offer an eco-friendly benefit and that may also reduce your utility costs include solar water heaters, doors, and windows with greater insulation, and smart home systems that help reduce energy waste on heating and cooling.

HGTV offers an interesting suggestion on counter tops:

"Granite is great, but explore other eco-friendly countertop options, including counters made from recycled paper or hemp. These durable surfaces are easy to clean, but color selection can be limited."

Exploring green alternatives to features like counter tops can offer you significant benefits when it comes to selling your home. Young home buyers must often choose older homes for their first home purchase, and green features aren't always so common on homes built decades ago.

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