contractor hiring tipsRemodeling a home usually starts with a simple idea and ends with a plan, a contractor, and a brand new space, and it's helpful to follow some general remodeling contractor hiring tips when jumping into a home remodeling project. Here are some simple pieces of advice to consider as you remodel your bathroom, upgrade your kitchen, or build an addition on your house.

The Difference Between a "Handyman" and a "Contractor"

You've probably seen local advertisements for handymen that will come to your home and provide basic assistance for fixing issues like clogged toilets, replacing some fixtures in your bathroom, or painting the walls in one of your bedrooms. If you have a minor issue that bothers you in your home, a handyman could offer the most affordable route to fixing that problem.

However, once you delve into projects that may require permits, significant updates or changes to your home, or installation of costly features, your best bet would be a home contractor. And you'll likely realize with just a few phone calls that every contractor isn't the same. Finding the best contractor for your project means finding a contractor whose specialties match your project.

Some contractors are known as "general contractors," and these professionals will offer expertise in several areas and may have skilled tradesmen on their staff who can provide licensed work. Other contractors may specialize in one or two areas like roofing, electrical systems, or plumbing, and may provide the best service for a small and targeted project.

U.S. News & World Report offers some sage advice in choosing the right contractor for your large project:

"If you’re doing a big project, you’ll need a general contractor, who may hire subcontractors for specialty work such as plumbing and electrical. Homeowners with renovation experience sometimes work as their own general contractors, hiring specific tradespeople for each job. While this may save you money, it can be time-consuming and will mean multiple contractor searches instead of just one, since you’ll have to find a specialist for each smaller job."

Further, the Federal Trade Commission explains that there are four different professionals with whom you may work on your project, and you may work with one or all of these individuals:

  • General contractor, who manages all aspects of a project, including hiring and supervising subcontractors, getting building permits, and scheduling inspections
  • Specialty contractor, who installs particular products like cabinets and bathroom fixtures
  • Architect, who designs homes, additions, and major renovations — especially ones involving structural changes
  • Designer or design/build contractor, who provides both services

In most cases, speaking with a general contractor first can help you figure out whether you may need the assistance of these additional design and building professionals.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Calling Your Contractors

A reputable contractor will have all the answers you need when you call them with questions, as well as information on the type of services they provide. However, you can make your consultation the most productive it can be when you answer some questions of your own before the consultation or call.

Here are some questions that you may wish to discuss before your meeting with your contractor:

  1. What is the purpose of your remodel? Do you want to sell your home, or is the purpose of the remodel to make your home more comfortable for your family?
  2. What's your budget? Do you plan to take out a home equity loan to finance the project, or will you rely on savings or existing cash on hand to fund your remodel?

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