How Do You Start a Home Remodel?

You might have all sorts of ideas for updating your house, but how do you start a home remodel that will offer the best result? Do you wait until you have enough money to remodel your entire house? Do you take on projects one at a time to enjoy the least amount of interruption in [...]

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Basement Remodeling Tips

Basement remodeling is an excellent project for any homeowner who wants to add a useful and beneficial room to their home. From decked-out entertainment centers to rental opportunities, basements are an ideal space for remodeling and finishing because they’re already an existing space within your home. Here are some tips to remember when you’re deciding [...]

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Kitchen Remodeling for a Modern and Functional Space

Is it time to begin planning a kitchen remodeling project in your home? The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, and it's a space where you must often accomplish a lot without much time at your disposal. A kitchen that isn't arranged in an ergonomic manner or which is [...]

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Creating a Home Office in an Extra Room

If you recently had a child move out after college or you moved into a home with a significant number of bedrooms, you might be in possession of an extra room in your house. There are traditional options available for remodeling the space like a home office or a guest bedroom, as well as versatile [...]

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Dealing with Unexpected Remodeling Problems

There's nothing like finishing the plan for your home improvement project and running into an unexpected remodeling problem that delays the completion of the project. Delays can increase costs, and unexpected problems can mean you have to make changes to your original plan. Whether you're redoing a dated kitchen that's full of forty-year-old appliances, or [...]

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Remodeling Contractor Hiring Tips

Remodeling a home usually starts with a simple idea and ends with a plan, a contractor, and a brand new space, and it's helpful to follow some general remodeling contractor hiring tips when jumping into a home remodeling project. Here are some simple pieces of advice to consider as you remodel your bathroom, upgrade your [...]

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Avoid Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

A functional and clean bathroom should be the goal of every bathroom remodeling project, but there are many possible pitfalls that you may encounter along the way. From bloated budgets to forgetting essential elements in your redesign of the space, these pitfalls can lessen the positive impact of your remodeling project. Here are a few [...]

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Architectural Changes from Remodeling a Home

A home often represents the era in which it was built, and changing its architectural style usually means updating substantial portions of the house. If you moved into a traditional country-style house several years ago and have always wanted to live in a modern home, is it possible to update the house to a more [...]

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Tips for Investing in a New Kitchen for Your Home

A new kitchen may require a major investment in your home, and the process can take months when you add up the planning, construction, and financing of the whole operation. Finding the money to pay for a new kitchen is often the first hurdle, but there are many ways you can improve the overall journey [...]

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Home Remodeling Savings Tips

Home remodel savings might not materialize on your upcoming renovation project unless you spend a little extra time in the planning stages and choose smart renovations over those that might result in a complete teardown and rebuild of your home. While you can certainly consider building a new home (and doing so may even net [...]

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