Kitchen remodeling updates are an amazing way to create a more livable space out of your entire home, and the size of the project may dictate that you have some in-depth conversations about features like the appliances or whether to realign the layout of the room.

There are some updates and changes that you'll want to consider that might not be immediately obvious if you're not already experienced with home remodeling and kitchen remodeling updates. Here are a few things to think about as you plan your kitchen update.

Consider Quartz for New Countertops

One of the most popular kitchen remodeling updates for modern homeowners is new countertops, and granite has long been a mainstay of home remodeling projects. One of the selling points of the average, newly remodeled kitchen, is the addition of granite countertops, but there is some evidence that granite isn't the choice in 100 percent of home remodeling projects.

CBS News shares:

"Quartz is rapidly growing in popularity, with 36 percent of remodelers looking to add the part-stone, part-manmade countertop. While that trails the 50 percent that want granite, quartz is gaining traction with homeowners in the maintenance department. The stone doesn't need to be sealed, typically won't crack or stain, and is easier to clean. The only drawback: Quartz tends to be more expensive."

There are several options for countertops that go well beyond granite and quartz, so it's helpful to check out everything you can for countertops and the other features of your kitchen remodeling updates. In addition to granite and quartz, you can choose wood, marble, ceramic tile, or concrete.

Get Creative With Your Current Kitchen Size

The planning stages for kitchen remodeling updates often include discussions about the size of the kitchen and whether it needs to change. Major kitchen remodeling projects may knock out a wall, change the kitchen's layout, and provide more space for your family to gather and cook.

However, you don't necessarily need a fully gutted kitchen and a major kitchen remodeling project to improve the usability of the kitchen and make it easier to get things done.

According to an article from Wide Open Eats, there are some easy ways to increase the size physically of the kitchen, as well as the size of how it "feels" when you're walking through it. For example, choosing white paint can prove to be one of the simplest yet most dramatic updates to your kitchen's design:

"Because it reflects light, white paint can make your kitchen feel open and airy. Use similar white tones on kitchen cabinets and countertops, and camouflage bulky pieces like radiators by painting them the same color as the walls.

By keeping everything in the same color family, you avoid sudden shifts from dark to light and create the illusion of boundless space. If you live in a tiny studio apartment, this is one of those kitchen decorating ideas that are fairly easy to put to use.

Other options that may prove affordable and simple to implement include adding a mirror and reducing the overall clutter of the kitchen. If your kitchen remodeling updates include new floors or changes to the windows, you can also use these features to increase how large the space "feels," even if the room isn't actually bigger.

Consider the Lighting

Features like cabinets, appliances, floors, and countertops often dominate discussions about kitchen updates, and the lighting for the space may come about as an afterthought.

An article with Country Living reveals:

"Whether you swap in a bunch of monochromatic barn lights or go with a mix of vintage (here, an old lantern) and new (like these pendant lights), changing out the fixtures will have you—and everyone else—seeing your kitchen in a new light."

Not only can you increase the amount of light in the kitchen to make tasks easier, but bu you can also choose interesting fixtures to truly increase the creativity of that feature.

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