kitchen remodelingIs it time to begin planning a kitchen remodeling project in your home? The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, and it's a space where you must often accomplish a lot without much time at your disposal. A kitchen that isn't arranged in an ergonomic manner or which is filled with outdated appliances can make cooking a cumbersome task, and it can also reduce the enjoyment you have in living at your home.

Improving the homeownership experience can begin with a new kitchen, and creating a space that's functional should be at the top of your list.

Create a Layout that Makes Sense for Your Method of Cooking

Do you use the stovetop every day to prepare foods you store in the refrigerator? Are you an avid baker who makes cakes, pies, and other baked items almost every single day? Is your preferred method of cooking one that uses the microwave or a toaster oven? Answering these questions can help you design the best layout for your kitchen.

While you may decide your kitchen layout is already within ideal parameters, it's still an important place to start in kitchen remodeling.

Improve Net shares:

"One of the most important elements of a functional kitchen is the work triangle. You may have heard of this term before, but may have yet to design your kitchen around it. It's the concept that the person cooking and preparing the meal has three major points of contact: the refrigerator, sink, and stove. The work triangle connects all points of contact with an invisible line. This helps to create the most efficient workflow in your kitchen."

If you're not quite sure whether you can design a kitchen that aligns with these particular elements of functionality, an experienced interior designer, an architect, or your general contractor can help you make sure you can fit everything you want in your kitchen in a manner that helps you accomplish cooking efficiently.

Will You Place Chairs, Seating, and Tables in Your Kitchen?

It's quite common for families to congregate in the kitchen when they're hungry, and having a place to sit may benefit some families. If you don't already have a breakfast nook or a bar with seating where family members can sit and enjoy their breakfast or snack, you may wish to fit some seating into your kitchen design.

Your seating design will probably depend on the size of your kitchen and whether it's a slim "galley style" kitchen or one that offers a through, open space from the kitchen to the living room, den, or family room.

Homify reveals:

"The first design of in-kitchen seating is a breakfast bar that acts as a subtle separator between kitchen and living room that is on the other side. [A] stylish wooden table between both areas is tastefully decorated with tiny potted plants set below a sparkling glass chandelier."

Inserting a breakfast bar between your kitchen and living room can allow you to retain the open concept design of your home while still offering you some extra and convenient functionality in your kitchen.

Today's Appliances are Amazingly Efficient and Stylish

Updated appliances look terrific, and they come in all sorts of designs. However, today's appliances aren't just nice to look at and offer much more than a stylish accent to your kitchen remodeling plan. Today's appliances also come in all sorts of sizes, from small, convenient dishwashers that open like drawers to extra small and extra large ovens that give you the ideal amount of space for your personal cooking style.

Do you make huge meals for a family of seven? You can install two large ovens in a vertical stack in your kitchen. Do you rarely use the oven but still want the functionality? You can have a small oven installed that sits just above floor level and leaves the upper areas free for cabinets and storage.

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