fall home remodeling

The summertime brings all sorts of opportunities for home remodeling like new roof and kitchen remodels, but there are definitely some fall home remodeling projects you might want to try.

If you're looking for a new home upgrade for the fall that will improve your home on the inside or out, here are a few ideas to consider.

Create a New and Beautiful Exterior with New Fall Landscaping

The fall is a time for winterizing the car, cleaning the gutters of fall leaves, and putting away the gardening tools, but it's also a time for projects like exterior remodeling and landscaping.

According to an article from the La Cross Tribune in Wisconsin:

"...fall can be a popular time to plant due to the cooler weather, less humidity and the variety of plants available."

Although the San Jose area doesn't see mountains of snow or other serious inclement weather on a regular basis, the fall can offer some prime months of replanting and upgrading your landscaping.

Not only can you undertake do-it-yourself projects that might be a little too difficult to finish during a hot summer, but you can also score less expensive services from landscape designers who often have openings in the fall and winter for new clients.

In fact, some plants are actually supposed to go into the ground in the fall. If you're thinking about planting a vegetable garden, the fall is an amazing time to throw some seeds in the ground for carrots, kale, cabbage, radishes, Brussels sprouts and lettuce.

Remember: If you want to trim your trees as part of your fall landscaping project, consider waiting until the trees have dropped their leaves, or wait until the late winter to trim. The tree will repair its cuts more swiftly when it doesn't have to put energy into keeping its leaves green.

Check the Gutter and Consider a New Roof

Taking a look at your roof is an activity you should do on a yearly basis and whenever your home experiences some seriously windy weather or a storm. However, the late summer and fall is also an important time to make sure your roof is in good condition.

If your roof needs replacement, the worst thing that can happen is that it starts leaking in the middle of the wettest seasons of the year, which tend to occur from December through March. Checking your roof in the fall means you can accomplish repairs or replacement before rain has a chance to ruin the inside of your home.

An article form realtor.com suggests looking for granules in your gutters:

"Check to see if there are excessive amounts of granules in your gutters, as these can indicate an issue with your roof."

Other projects realtor.com recommends include repairing outside decks, cleaning the exterior windows, and airing out the house with the windows open when the temperatures are beautiful instead of hot.

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