Home Addition

Building a home addition can increase the value of your home, as well as make it easier for you to remain in your home when your family grows or when you feel you need more space. If you love your neighborhood and don't want to move, a home addition might be the ideal option.

The price of your home addition will definitely come up during conversations about your home remodeling project, but the type of addition you choose may also enter into the discussion. Here's how the price of your home addition and the size you choose may impact your final decision on its design.

What's the Average Cost Per Square Foot for a Home Addition?

If you take a look at a website like Thumbtack, they suggest that the average cost for a basic addition on a house in San Jose is about $250 to $270 per square foot for most types of additions, but adding a bathroom or kitchen increases the per-foot price to $280 to $300 per square foot.

Some areas around the Bay Area cost more due to the overall higher cost of living in some areas. For example, if you head over to San Francisco, you'll find that the price per square foot of a first-floor expansion or second-floor addition to a home is around $300 per square foot.

What Costs are Involved in Building a Home Addition?

Your home addition may involve quite a few different professionals and their fees, as well as the materials needed to build the addition and the subcontractors and laborers hired to complete the project.

Here are just a few of the costs that you might see in the budget for a home addition:

  • Architectural fees for design
  • Civil engineering projects like excavations and site work
  • Actual construction costs of the addition
  • Landscaping and addition of drainage
  • Ancillary items like a driveway or terrace
  • Permits and application fees
  • Contingency fees

Your project may have even more lines, particularly if you combine your home addition with an overall home remodeling plan or you upgrade existing features of your home.

Different Types of Home Additions

Every home addition project has its own challenges, and no project will ever be exactly like the next. However, there are some general types of additions that are common throughout the remodeling industry. For example, one home addition might be called a "bump out," and another might fall under the heading of "two-story extension."

The Spruce offers an excellent definition for a bump out:

"A bump out is an extra space that is far smaller than a full addition and often does not even rise to the size of a room addition."

Your bump out might feature an entire room that's added onto your house, or it might be an extension of an existing room that enlarges the overall size of that space. Bump outs are, not surprisingly, often seen as a more affordable way to increase your home's footprint and give you some extra space.

If you don't have a tremendous amount of space outside your house to build a home addition, you may end up choosing a bump out. However, you can also look up and build a second story as your home addition, which will usually increase the cost over a simple bump out or first-floor extension.

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