The fall is an excellent time to consider home remodeling projects, and the time to plan those projects is in the summer. The cooler fall weather is excellent, whether you want to get the roof replaced on your home, get a brand new, upgraded kitchen, or simply finish some improvement projects in the home.

Summer is usually one of the busiest months for remodeling, but the fall is a close second since the weather makes it more amenable for DIY homeowners to finish projects like painting rooms and conducting minor maintenance around the house.

Here are a few projects – large and small – that you might want to consider this fall.

Repair Old Decks, Exterior Doors, & Garage Doors

Over time, the exterior parts of your home will fade and age, and sometimes all it takes is a brand-new coat of paint to make a front door look amazing like it did when it was new. If your door has quite a few years under its belt, you might want to consider a completely new door.

If you don't think the door needs a coat of paint or replacement, you can even hire someone to power-wash the door – as well as the exterior of your home – for an instant, refreshed look for the house. Conducting other simple maintenance tasks like cleaning the gutters and having the HVAC system or water heater serviced are also excellent autumn tasks.

Starting a Major Home Remodeling Project in the Fall

One of the reasons a major home remodeling project is a good idea in the fall is if you have children that might be underfoot during a summer remodeling project but be out of the house and at school during the fall. If you have workers from the home remodeling company come over each morning, they won't have to tiptoe around the kids while they're in school.

Undertaking major home remodeling projects is also a good idea in the fall if you have an issue with your home – like a roof leak – that could prove inconvenient during inclement weather. Although California isn't completely blanketed with snow in the winter, there are some rainy months during the winter and spring that can become a hassle if you have a small roof leak.

Better Homes & Gardens recommends that you replace your windows in the fall.

"Do you feel a chill next to certain windows in your home during winter? Have you noticed condensation or even frost on these windows? Glass with multiple panes, spacers, or filler gasses (such as argon or krypton) will likely solve these problems. A professional can swap out your problem windows with more efficient models that will increase your level of comfort while decreasing your heating bills."

Getting new windows isn't just a good idea to make your house more insulated during the winter. It's also an excellent option for maintaining the airconditioned temperature in your home during the summer. A well-insulated house is an energy-efficient home in every season.

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