Maintaining your home is a four-season job, and there are important fall home maintenance projects that you'll want to consider handling each year to keep your home in tip-top shape.

There are the common tasks like raking leaves, cleaning gutters, and putting the lawnmower away for the season, as well as other maintenance projects that can keep your home in good working order in every season.

Take a Walk Outside Your Home

One of the best projects for fall home maintenance is taking a look at the exterior of the house and making repairs or updates to features like the roof, siding, and foundation. Missing shingles, peeling paint, and damage may occur over time and not be noticeable unless you take a hard look.

Forbes suggests:

"Take a walk around your property, looking for signs of damage to the roof, siding, and foundation. If you spot anything that needs repair, schedule it before winter weather hits."

Making sure your roof is in good condition before potentially windy winter weather comes along is important, too, because last-minute emergency repairs are quite expensive while regular maintenance and spot repairs in the autumn are much easier to obtain. Even if you're in a place where it never snows, it's still a good idea to get your roof checked at least once a year.

Get the HVAC System Checked, Updated, or Repaired

Some professionals recommend that you should get your HVAC system checked twice a year, but that's usually not necessary unless you've had to get repairs every year for various problems. Once a year is usually enough at the start of whatever season is the most hectic for your area.

For example, if you live in a hot pocket of land where you're always using the air conditioner, it's always a good idea to get your system checked in advance of summer. If you rely heavily on your heater during the winter, you'll want to have a professional come by in the fall for an inspection.

The fall is also a great time to consider replacements or upgrades to your HVAC system. Are you still using a fireplace to heat your home? Perhaps it's time to upgrade your home to include an electric or gas heating system.

Clear Away Dead Brush & Branches

Over time, branches may die, shrubs may become overgrown, and diseases may partially or fully kill the plants around your home. The autumn is a great time to go through the vegetation around your home to remove dead or diseased parts. Additionally, trees that have a lot of sap may be pruned in the fall (trees like elms, dogwoods, and birches) so as to avoid a sticky mess.

The fall is also an important time to look up at any trees that surround your house. Are there any suspect branches that look like they might come down in a harsh storm? You'll want to have those branches removed so they won't cause damage and problems during a windstorm or other harsh weather events.

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