Eco-friendly building projects are terrifically popular these days, and you can choose from all sorts of green updates for your home that can reduce the energy you use each month, help eliminate harmful chemicals in your house, and offer long-term benefits to the environment.

Some updates do require a significant up-front investment, but others are as easily accomplished as traditional updates. Here are some ideas to consider for your eco-friendly building project.

DIY Tasks for Eco-Friendly Home Updates

If you're not yet ready to jump in and remodel your home, there are some steps you can take before you call up your local home remodeling contractor. According to the Space Wise blog from Extra Space, switching out all the light bulbs in your home can save loads of money on your electricity bill.

"An easy and inexpensive energy-efficient home idea is to replace your current incandescent light bulbs with LED versions. One Energy Star certified light bulb lasts 15 times longer and uses 70-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. While LED lights can cost up to $8 a bulb, each can save $100 per light bulb over its lifespan. Another pro tip is to invest in smart light bulbs that can be controlled through an app or smart speaker to ensure that energy isn't wasted by accidentally leaving lights on in your home. Exterior lights can also be switched to LED versions to make the most of energy savings."

Other ideas for green upgrades that don't necessarily require the assistance of your home remodeling contractor include smart thermostat upgrades, ceiling fans for energy use reduction, and environmentally-friendly wallpaper and paint.

You can accomplish many of these eco-friendly building updates on your own, as well as alongside the work your contractor performs. However, your contractor might be able to get the best prices on some of the materials you'd otherwise use for your DIY projects, so check with your contractor to see about costs before striking it out on your own to perform your updates.

Updates to Discuss With Your Eco-Friendly Building Remodeler

As you plan your home remodel, you'll want to ask your contractor about some of the green-friendly options and popular eco-friendly building techniques you can use. Options include adding new insulation, updating your appliance to energy-efficient models, and installing solar panels.

Other options include installing a tank-less water heater, updating windows with Energy Star ratings, and installing a geothermal energy system rather than a traditional HVAC system. According to Freshome, many of these updates are worth the initial investment.

"If you can afford it, focus on including green systems and materials into the structure of your home. While these types of additions may come with a larger cost upfront, they have the largest environmental and financial impact over time."

Your home remodeler is an ideal resource if you have questions about what green-friendly options are possible with your chosen budget. Not only can your home remodeling contractor help you maximize your budget, but he or she can also make sure you get to take advantage of tax incentives and rebates associated with eco-friendly building choices.

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