home officeIf you recently had a child move out after college or you moved into a home with a significant number of bedrooms, you might be in possession of an extra room in your house. There are traditional options available for remodeling the space like a home office or a guest bedroom, as well as versatile and modern options like a media room or a craft space. Creating a home office in your home can offer a beneficial, useful, and valuable room for you and your family for a relatively modest investment.

Create a Home Office & Enjoy Freedom From Your Commute

Telecommuting is a style of working that millions of Americans have adopted, and it can save you time on your commute, as well as save your employer money on overhead costs. If your job is one where telecommuting is an option, you may wish to consider converting an extra room to a home office for the tax benefits, as well as for the benefit of having a dedicated office space rather than something basic for work, like a kitchen table.

Zillow reveals:

"A place to keep your work and computer equipment corralled is the dream of many homeowners. From the paperwork of life to the last-minute work calls, a home office is a great use for any spare room. The transition should be fairly simple, too, with only the addition of a desk, chair, file cabinet, and bookcase, if necessary."

One of the beneficial facets of building a home office in an extra room is that it doesn't take a huge budget to create a useful, well-appointed, and beautiful office space. You can begin very simply with some new office furniture and update your space with built-in bookshelves and other fancy features after you've gotten used to the space and have decided to make your home office a permanent part of your house.

Your Home Office Can Double as a Guest Bedroom

If you don't want to dedicate your home office room solely to work, it's easy to create a hybrid room where you can welcome your guests one weekend and telecommute to work the next week. You can install murphy bed that can easily be opened to welcome guests or choose a couch that easily folds out into a guest bed.

You can even install some exercise equipment along one of the walls, which is one of the options Inc. recommends for maintaining productivity in your office:

"Pick up a set of resistance bands, light weights or even a small treadmill or step machine and keep it in your office space. Taking short breaks for exercise can help you shift gears, refocus and reenergize as needed throughout the day. Not to mention--it's just good for you. Your head and heart (and back, and shoulders, and knees...) will thank you for this one."

Creating a space that you can use for more than one purpose not only gives you more use out of the room, but it also helps you avoid having to choose between one type of room or another. Why choose just a home office or a guest bedroom when you can get a little creative and have both in your extra room?

Create an Amazing Home Office With Help from Hanaray Construction

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