bathroom remodelingA functional and clean bathroom should be the goal of every bathroom remodeling project, but there are many possible pitfalls that you may encounter along the way. From bloated budgets to forgetting essential elements in your redesign of the space, these pitfalls can lessen the positive impact of your remodeling project. Here are a few common pitfalls to avoid in your bathroom remodel.

Don't Change the Layout Unless You Really Need This Modification

According to Remodeling Calculator, average bathroom remodel costs tend to hover somewhere between $15,000 to $25,000 (there are many remodeling projects that are less expensive and more expensive). To keep costs down, the folks at Remodeling Calculator recommend that you only move bathroom fixtures if it's necessary to do so for the new design of the space.

"One of the most expensive items in a bathroom remodel is the cost of new plumbing. When you choose to move the toilet, sink or shower from its original location, you immediately increase your total renovation cost by thousands of dollars. Consequently, it's important to figure out whether this is a true necessity that will greatly improve the value of your bathroom."

While you may decide that you can spare no expense when it comes to your brand new bathroom, your home remodeling contractor can probably offer some alternatives to this expensive option which can come in quite handy if you're interested in an affordable, new bathroom.

Do Change the Layout If It Makes Sense for Your Budget and Design Goals

Avoiding the costliest changes and upgrades in your new bathroom may be your number one goal, so changing the layout of your bathroom might sit at the bottom of your list as far as upgrades are concerned. However, some changes to your layout may offer some measurable improvements in the overall enjoyment you have in using your bathroom.

Remodeling advice website Kokun reveals:

"Bathroom distribution is crafted around your list of needs and priorities. Each bathroom has its own measurements and characteristics, therefore the list will sort out the best possible distribution and layout so you don’t leave out any essentials. It might sound like a simple job, but bathroom distribution is a constant challenge for architects especially if you don’t have square meters to spare."

You can make some layout changes without gutting the entire space and starting from scratch. For example, you may switch the position of the toilet and sink that already sit along the same wall which won't require that your remodeling contractor install an entirely new set of plumbing pipes on the opposite side of the bathroom.

Don't Forget to Include a Ventilation Update or Installation

One of the most important facets of a functional bathroom is one that provides its users with proper ventilation. Not only is your ventilation system essential for keeping mold and mildew at bay (which can prove harmful to your family, as well as the building blocks of your bathroom), but good ventilation can help ensure the most comfortable bathroom in every season.

A column at Bob Vila's official website shares:

"Without proper ventilation... humidity builds up on surfaces, and over time this moisture will cause paint and grout to deteriorate and mildew to form. Vacuuming the vent on a regular basis will help keep the fan clean."

If your bathroom doesn't have any ventilation (common in older homes that haven't been renovated in many years), you should place a new fan or ventilation system at the top of your list when budgeting the new features of your bathroom. Likewise, don't neglect your current ventilation system if you're upgrading other areas of your bathroom. Make sure the fan doesn't need replacing or could benefit from an upgrade.

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