average cost of home remodelingThe average cost of home remodeling projects varies based on the size of the project, the quality of the materials used, the price of the contractor, and the local costs paid by the average homeowner. Each year, contractors, industry publications, and organizations publish national averages, and Home Advisor suggests recent costs range from $3,700 for small projects to $147,000 for high-end projects.

Nationwide, the typical range for a home remodeling project that includes work on multiple rooms is between $17,392 to $69,021 with the national average for all projects sitting at $43,142. If you live in San Jose, however, or one of the surrounding suburbs, you'll probably see a higher average due to the increased costs seen in California.

Home Advisor suggests the average in San Jose for projects of multiple rooms is $120,311, but this amount can vary significantly with low-end projects reaching $20,000 and high-end projects sitting at an impressive $400,000.

What will your project cost? The average cost of home remodeling projects is a good place to start, but it only tells part of the story.

What Influences the Average Cost of Home Remodeling Projects?

As you're probably aware, a home remodeling project that requires your home contractor to knock down a few walls and rearrange a significant amount of the home's plumbing will probably cost more than a project where no walls are moved or eliminated, and plumbing changes are minimal.

An extensive home remodeling project that features the addition of square footage, new plumbing and electrical work and the need for several permits can increase the cost of the project, as well as its timeline to completion. An experienced contractor can help whittle down the remodeling schedule, which can help reduce the total cost of the project.

Some of the areas where you may spend the most money to upgrade, change, renovation, and remodel your home are the bathrooms, kitchen, roof, and HVAC system. The age of your home may also impact the average price of the project. The average cost of home remodeling on a house that's 100-years-old will often sit higher than a home that was built just a decade ago.

The reason older homes may incur higher project costs is because of the necessary updates and changes to the electrical system, as well as the unfortunate surprises sometimes found in older homes. For example, the discovery of old pipes that need replacing can add costs to the project.

Average Remodeling Costs for Major Rooms

Your home is a reflection of your personal style, and you'll likely make improvements over time that reflect your lifestyle. It shouldn't come as a surprise that your remodeling project will probably cost a different amount than the similar remodeling project your neighbor completed last year.

The real estate section of U.S. News & World Report suggests that a minor kitchen remodel will cost an average of $21,198 and a major kitchen remodel will cost $63,829. However, if you go for a significant, upscale kitchen remodeling project, you may see a cost of $125,721. If you love the kitchen, you may want to put your heart, soul, and pocketbook into your kitchen project.

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It's easy to quote average costs for various remodeling projects, but the average price of home remodeling projects in San Jose is just a starting point for your home improvement plan. Are you searching for a home remodeling contractor in the Greater San Jose area? Are you thinking about putting an addition on your home?

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