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About Peter Hanaray

Peter Hanaray was born in New Zealand. Prior to coming to the U.S. he was a manager on a 12,000 acre sheep and cattle ranch in the central North Island. He managed the day-to-day operations and staff. Peter immigrated to the U.S. and started working for a General Engineering Contractor installing retaining walls, underground drainage and sewers, operating equipment, and running crews. He then received his General Contractor license in 2005. Since the beginning, all of his work has been by referral only. Peter is committed to excellence in every aspect of the business. He approaches each job with attention to detail and top quality control. He works only with subcontractors that he has personally vetted throughout the years. Peter’s core business belief is that if he exceeds expectations with every customer, he will receive years of referrals to family and friends. That has been the case since launching Hanaray Construction in 2005.

Fall Home Maintenance Projects

Maintaining your home is a four-season job, and there are important fall home maintenance projects that you'll want to consider handling each year to keep your home in tip-top shape. There are the common tasks like raking leaves, cleaning gutters, and putting the lawnmower away for the season, as well as other maintenance projects that [...]

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Great Fall Home Remodeling Projects

The fall is an excellent time to consider home remodeling projects, and the time to plan those projects is in the summer. The cooler fall weather is excellent, whether you want to get the roof replaced on your home, get a brand new, upgraded kitchen, or simply finish some improvement projects in the home. Summer [...]

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What’s the Best Time to Call a Home Remodeling Contractor?

Scheduling a home remodeling project at the right time is an important step in getting to work with a great contractor because experienced home remodeling contractors often have projects scheduled well into the future. Calling your favorite home contractor, a week before you want to replace your roof might result in disappointment unless the contractor [...]

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Is a Home Remodeling Contract Necessary?

Any major home remodeling project will require attention to detail and a lot of planning from a homeowner and his or her contractor, but you might wonder whether a home remodeling contract is necessary for every project. According to the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) in California, any project that costs more than $500 requires [...]

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Getting the Best Rate on a Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan is one way to finance a home remodeling project, and it's helpful to conduct some research on rates and the process of applying for a home equity loan before taking the plunge. A home equity loan is just one way to finance a home remodeling project. Here are the details you [...]

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Eco-Friendly Building Ideas

Eco-friendly building projects are terrifically popular these days, and you can choose from all sorts of green updates for your home that can reduce the energy you use each month, help eliminate harmful chemicals in your house, and offer long-term benefits to the environment. Some updates do require a significant up-front investment, but others are [...]

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Choosing Your Next Home Remodeling Project

Your next home remodeling project might be an entire addition built onto your home, or it might be something simple like a new coat of paint on a few interior rooms. How do you choose your next remodeling project? Here are a few considerations to get you started. What are You Looking to Spend? There's [...]

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Where to Spend Money on a Bathroom Remodel

When you embark on a bathroom remodel project, it's important to spend money where it will offer the most value for your investment, as well as consider less expensive options for areas of the bathroom that don't require a luxurious touch. There are some items in your bathroom that will look the same whether you [...]

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When Is It Time to Call a Home Remodeler?

Home remodeling projects can breathe new life and excitement into the homeownership experience, but not all projects are the same, and you may need to do some research to figure out whether to call a home remodeler. Home remodeling may require the assistance of an architect or a design/build contractor, or it may simply need [...]

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Hiring a Home Remodeler: The Basics

Hiring a home remodeler for your upcoming project may seem like a daunting task, especially if you've never actually arranged for major work to be performed on your home. However, the process isn't actually that hard as long as you do a little research before signing a contract.  Find a Contractor with Experience Finding a [...]

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