remodeling a homeA home often represents the era in which it was built, and changing its architectural style usually means updating substantial portions of the house. If you moved into a traditional country-style house several years ago and have always wanted to live in a modern home, is it possible to update the house to a more modern appearance? One of the most straightforward ways to change the style of your home is to create a wholly new interior while making only surface changes to the exterior of the home.

Covering a house with stucco after it was already built with traditional wood siding and ripping off the asphalt shingle roof in favor of some Mediterranean-style tiles will represent quite a significant investment of time and money. However, updating the color scheme to something akin to a Mediterranean home and changing the interior of the house as far as furniture, fixtures, and design elements are concerned may help you realize your dreams of living in a particular style of home without gutting the entire residence and starting over from scratch.

While you can certainly change the overall architectural style of your home when your budget is limitless, there's a good chance you have a set number in mind as far as how much you'd like to spend on your remodeling project. Here are a few ways you can change the style of your home without breaking the bank.

Combine Styles to Update While Keeping Your Home's Charm

A true transformation of your home from "tired" to "amazing" is definitely possible through an updated plan that combines the existing architecture of your home with some new elements from a different style. For example, you can actually take a home in the prairie style and use materials like stonework and stucco to give it some modern appeal.

Here are a few descriptions of modified homes from Houzz:

"Traditionally the Prairie Style house has a low pitched hip roof with large overhang, horizontal lines, clerestory windows and central fireplace.

Updates: The form and shape of this example fits with the Prairie Style, but uses modern materials such as stucco and linear stonework. The color scheme is not common for Prairie Style but is still earthy."

To the eye trained in architecture, it may seem obvious as to what styles a home's exterior has combined, but to the average homeowner, those changes and differences in style won't look nearly as stark. You can work with your contractor, architect, or designer to update your home in such a way that the style is refreshed but the overall level of work required isn't tantamount to a complete teardown and rebuild.

The Easiest Option? Sometimes, It's Redecorating

After working with your contractor to eliminate or change certain architectural elements of your home, you can go a step further to complete the transformation with some decor swaps and changes. For example, perhaps you've switched from a traditional home with decor from the 1980s to a Midcentury Modern look. One of the most noticeable elements that may clash with your new style is the lampshade on your bedside table – or any lampshade in your home.

Better Homes and Gardens suggests:

"Do your whole room a favor and replace these offending lampshades with something that blends in better."

Do you have a floral lampshade that you've had since you can remember? Perhaps it belonged to your parents, and you just took it with you when you moved out. Don't toss the lamp into the trash. Instead, try updating the lamp shade. If you do decide to get rid of the lamp, however, consider donating it (especially if it still works!).

Decor is one of the best ways to create impressive change from a minor remodeling project. Imagine you just had crown molding installed in most of the rooms in your home at the same time you replaced all that old carpet with beautiful, new hardwood floors. You may want to consider adding wallpaper to your decor (yes, wallpaper comes in some amazing looks these days).

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