home exterior upgrades

Homeowners routinely choose home exterior upgrades in advance of putting their homes on the real estate market, but there are many exterior upgrades that can prove beneficial whether or not the homeowner wants to sell.

For example, a new roof might not only benefit the current occupants of the home, but it might also create an appealing feature for future buyers. Many options exist for upgrading a home's exterior, and the following are a few trendy exterior upgrades you may want to consider.

Try a Porch or Deck

Putting a porch or deck on your house can accomplish several goals. Not only can a deck improve the usability of your home, but it can also improve the appearance and boost its appeal to buyers (if you want to sell your house).

One of the discussions that may come up during the design process is whether you should include a screen on the porch or whether you should leave it open. One of the reasons Houzz recommends that homeowners put a screen around their porch is because it extends the size of the house for a more affordable investment than building a full, legitimate addition.

"It's much cheaper, quicker, and easier to add than a regular room, as it doesn't usually require a foundation, insulation, or HVAC systems. It's a spot where you will be able to enjoy fresh air and feel closer to nature without being eaten alive by mosquitos or fearing a visit from that 40-pound opossum who lives under your deck."

If you're worried about the chilly nights in the winter, there are some options for environmental controls like outdoor heaters.

For the Budget Conscious Home Remodeler

There are a million upgrades you can make for your home, but some upgrades will cost the average homeowner enough that they might need to take out a loan against the equity in their home to finance the project.

However, not all home exterior upgrades are as costly as a new roof, a home addition, or another major project. Two of the best options for budget-friendly home upgrades are painting the house and upgrading the fixtures around the exterior.

Details like the doorknobs and locks, the light fixtures, and anything decorative around the exterior of the house can usually be upgraded without a huge investment of time or money. Not only can shiny features like brand new doorknobs and locks improve the appearance of your home, but they can also offer a little extra security when you replace old locks.

Painting your house is also a great way to improve its appearance without breaking the bank. According to an article from Home Advisor, the average homeowner pays somewhere from $1,694 to $3,936 for a new coat of paint on the exterior of a house. The average is approximately $2,815 for a house in the United States, but some factors can influence its overall cost.

"Stucco and brick cost an average of $1 per square foot more than vinyl or wood. The average 2,500 square feet home costs an average of $4,000, though it can range from $1,250 to $8,750."

The size of your home will often be the biggest factor in the cost of a complete paint upgrade on your home, but the results can prove to be dramatic if you choose a completely new color.

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